The Bar Cart

The Bar Cart

*Stock photo from Wayfair website*

I’ve wanted a bar cart for quite a few years now but I never pulled the trigger to purchase. For one, I didn’t have enough room in my apartment and second, keeping it 100…they are hella pricy! The super sleek carts can easily cost $150 and up! I’m not in the business of spending money on items that I’ll rarely use. This piece is more for decoration than function.

I tried thrifting one with zero success. After moving into my new house I finally broke down and decided to gift myself a bar cart. I had a budget of $100. I decided to check Wayfair as I had a 10% off coupon and I also needed to purchase a new mattress for Julianni.

Initially I wanted a gold color but opted for silver once I saw this super sleek cart by Clarkesville. The silver would also be a better match for my soon to be painted grey interior walls.

I styled my bar cart with a combination of items I already owned, thrifted and newly purchased items.

I’m not sure if the silver holder was meant to hold bottles but it worked perfectly! I believe it was $6.99 at Goodwill. The large letter “M” on the bottom of my cart was purchased awhile back at Home Goods for $12.99. It’s been sitting in a box untouched until now. The two glass sundae cups on the bottom of the cart belonged to my Great Grandmother Ophelia.

The martini glasses on the top were originally a set of four from Pier One Imports. I’d had them for years and they successfully made the trip from Seattle. Thanks to my girls I now only have two.

The floral arrangement is a DIY project. The silk flowers were arranged in a floral foam. I had a candle holder that I’d thrifted years ago that I used to hold the arrangement once it was finished. I used black tulle to cover the foam, it turned out great!

The crystal bowl on the bottom is another Goodwill find, it was $3.99.

Shockingly I am acquiring a taste for silver! I picked up the two small silver pieces at Goodwill. I believe I paid $.99 cents for one and $1.99 for the other. The piece on the bottom is currently empty and I’m undecided about leaving it that way or adding something to it? The silver cup on top is a perfect place to hold my cocktail stir sticks. I most definitely will be on the hunt for additional silver pieces!

The remaining items were purchased at Target dollar spot. I picked up coasters, gold napkin rings, napkins, stir sticks and the decorative towels. None of these items cost more than $3.00.

Overall I’m happy with the current styling. The only thing left to add is a bottle of my favorite Don Julio tequila and shot glasses!

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