I bought my first house! Part 1

I bought my first house! Part 1

*All photos were taken by the previous owner for the home listing*

Major key alert! I bought my first HOUSE! It’s been a little over a month since I closed and I’m still in awe of this achievement! This has been on my vision board consistently since I moved to Texas in 2011. I attempted to build a home in 2013 but the deal fell through. The builder had problems with financing and the communication was poor on their part. I was disappointed and frustrated but I know God’s timing is always perfect!

Fast forward to 2016. Towards the end of last year I decided that I wanted to start the home buying process again. I had gone to a couple HUD approved first time home buyer classes in the past (which I HIGHLY suggest every first time buyer do) previously so I was pretty confident in the process.

Credit check. If you’re thinking about buying a house, please be sure to check your credit reports! Unless you plan to pay cash this is a very important step. There’s no need to pay a fancy monitoring service to do this. I’ve had no issues using annual credit report you can obtain reports for free annually from all 3 credit bureaus. I also use Credit Karma to track my scores (another free service) which isn’t 100% accurate but is quite close. When my lender checked my credit scores to apply for a mortgage my Credit Karma scores differed by 5-10 points give or take? If you have any loose ends be prepared to tie them up before you apply for a mortgage.

The process. Once I fully decided that I was committed to the idea of buying, I knew there would be sacrifices that I’d have to make to get to the destination of home ownership. We curbed eating out and I didn’t buy anything on credit. Once I was pre approved I began looking for houses. I knew where I wanted to be payment wise and I was mindful about not looking at homes above my price range. Please don’t let anyone convince you to buy more home than you can comfortably afford based on what you’re approved for!

We began the search in April, my offer was accepted in late July. The search was long and tedious, I made an offer on at least eight homes before my offer was accepted on this house. My realtor (cousin) kept me sane and assured me that the right home for the girls and I would come along. She was completely on point! We prayed then pushed forward each time an offer was rejected.

When we arrived at this house, everything felt right about it! I compared house hunting to dating. Something is always missing but when you find the right “one” you just know!

To be continued….



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