He Made Me A Mistress…Part 4

He Made Me A Mistress…Part 4

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He Made Me A Mistress…Part 4

I ended the relationship but Nola wasn’t having it. There was no respect for my boundaries or my desire to move on. He continued to call and text regularly. His level of selfishness was insane. If I ignored his phone calls he’d email me or call my job. I met someone new at the end of July 2012. This person was all of the things Nola wasn’t and he lived in Houston which was a nice change. I gravitated to him. I told Nola about him, thinking maybe now he’d leave me alone? Or maybe he’d be happy for me? Actually the exact opposite happened.

He immediately made it known that he wasn’t in agreement with breaking up and that I should give him a chance to fix things. On numerous occasions he told me that I would always be his and that any man other than him had no interest in me outside of physical desires. I realize that he was playing mind games. The new guy was great but he was a rebound. I ended things with him after seven months of dating. I knew I’d end up hurting him, I hadn’t given myself time to heal from my breakup with Nola. 

Over the next three and a half years I continued to date and tried to move forward with my life. I no longer initiated contact with Nola, he always initiated contact. For him it was always important, telling me that we needed to talk. He never stopped asking to see me. I’d been to Nola a couple of times to visit since the breakup but I made sure not to let him know I was in town. 

 At the beginning of 2016, he sent me several text messages saying he needed talk to me urgently. Against my better judgement I called him. He explained a stressful situation with his job, unsure whether or not his captain license would be renewed? Apparently, this is why he hadn’t come to Houston to see me in the recent months. There was never a valid explanation for all the years that had passed without him making the trip to Houston. Three and a half years later he still denied his marriage. 

I went to see Nola in February 2016. In my heart I knew I needed closure. Seeing him one last time would give me the closure that I needed. I took my girls with me as they LOVE visiting New Orleans. He met us at our hotel early the next morning after we arrived. That excited feeling I once had knowing I’d see him was gone. I obviously still cared but I was no longer in love. 

He hadn’t changed much since I’d last seen him, he greeted me with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. He said hello to the girls and hugged them like normal. I still felt nothing. I knew at that moment this would be my last visit to New Orleans to see him. It was a typical visit, he couldn’t stay at the hotel with us. I was fine with that. It was important for me to ask him face-to-face if he was married? Ironically there was zero hesitation in his response, “no.” In my heart I knew he was lying and that we were over for good.

I’ve made peace with the end. I cannot lie it hurt like hell. Now almost five years later I’ve come to understand that there was a lesson in this situation. If my story helps someone then it was worth it.   



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    So happy you got closure

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