He Made Me A Mistress…Part 3

He Made Me A Mistress…Part 3

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He Made Me A Mistress…Part 3

Two weeks had passed since Nola was in Houston. I had a reoccurring nagging feeling about the woman he told me was his cousin. I needed answers. Whenever I asked him about her, he would tell me that I was tripping. I knew there was more to the story than what he was telling me. Surprisingly, when I saw her Facebook profile in February the first time, I did not look at it. The page was private but this time I decided to dig and his lies began to unfold.

The first thing I did was look up her name in the white pages online. There I found out she indeed wasn’t his cousin and the home that he shared with her was listed along with his name. There were a few other names associated with hers, I wrote them down. Then I searched his full name and wrote down the names associated with his. No shock at this point but there were a couple of common names. This particular week I knew he was at work so I sent him a text letting him know I needed to talk to him. When he called, I asked him about everything I’d just found out. His explanation was that they owned a home together and that’s the only reason why her name was linked to his. My next question for him was “why does she use your last name if you were never married to her?” He claimed that a lot of women use their child’s father’s name and it wasn’t a big deal. He also couldn’t explain why she wore wedding rings. I then asked “why did you lie to me about her being your cousin when I asked you back in February?” His response was classic fuck boy. He told me, “I was trying to keep the peace.”

The more questions I asked, the more his lies compounded. A linked photo on Instagram from the photo shoot we did together proved everything. She left a few comments on my pictures basically saying things that a woman with a cheating husband would say. She called me “thirsty” and told me that I needed to “stay in my lane” to name a few. Honestly I wasn’t surprised. It’s always easier to blame the other woman rather than the philandering ass man you chose to take vows with.

At that point I was done. I called to tell him that it was over and that he needed to work things out with his wife. I didn’t need to see, hear or say anything else to him. He continued to deny being married to her. Even after I told him that I had seen pictures on her Instagram titled “my hubby this and that…” he continued to deny her. Mainly his greatest argument was that he had no control as to what she posted on her social media pages. I found it odd that a woman would post pictures of an “ex” if they weren’t still involved. It didn’t make sense to me.

In the weeks following our split his persistence for reconciling increased.

To be continued…

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  • Mel
    Posted at 03:12h, 29 October Reply

    so heart breaking because I know it’s true and it’s not an episode of Scandal!!!

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